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Riding into the sunset (Part 1)

Posted on: August 8, 2011

It was hot. The sun scorched the earth with relentless perseverance. He stood listless, searching for a sign of life in that arid land. The only tree that could be seen for miles was barren, stripped off its leaves and standing there prone to the harsh tendencies of the sun that reigned supreme. He had to go on nevertheless. The mirages he conjured kept him amused if not disheartened.

He had left everything behind. He was forced rather. Away from home, nowhere to go and no one to meet. He was a loner the last few months, anyway. Bad decisions and bad company had left him desolate. The only thing that kept him going was hope. Hope in the search of a new beginning. He knew that he had to keep going on, for it would not be long when his past caught up with him. And with that knowledge he had set out.

After a few hours in that land, while even hope seemed to give way, he could hear what he thought was a motor-vehicle coming toward him. He smiled to himself, imagining this to be another trick his mind was playing on him. But lo, a vehicle did pull up beside him after a few minutes. It had been so long that he had seen anyone that he had almost forgotten that he had a voice in his throat. It was an old truck with a short stubby man with a large handle bar mustache at the wheel. He hollered, “Hey buddy, where are you going? I’m heading toward the city and I don’t mind some company ‘ere. Care to join?”. He nodded and gingerly got into the truck. (He should have known better!)



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