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A new beginning

Posted on: October 22, 2010

We were waiting for the sun to rise
A ray of hope, waiting for the hopelessness to demise
A draft of wind to blow away the darkness within
Or just a piece of paper thin

It had been a wait so long, so forlorn
Time stood still while we hobbled on
Want had turned into a gruesome need
As is our wont, inaction gave way to deed

Every act burdensome
Every body lonesome
Every move instilled dread
Every word inspired hatred

It started slowly, a buzz all around
First one knew, soon it was abound
The light that shone in the distance
Radiant, shorn of all askance

It engulfed us one at a time
Freeing us of the shame, freeing us from the crime
And while we now wait for the drops of dew
Hail to thee, it’s a beginning new


7 Responses to "A new beginning"

…… WOW… Hail to thee !!!

Nice composition. But what is the context? Just a sudden spark of creativity? Or the manifestation of a prolonged experience ?

long overdue post + sudden spark

i love this one! 🙂 B)

It indeed is a beginning new.. xx

well done.
you are represented as fresh poets to explore at our Poets Rally week 32.
I invite you to become a participant, which helps you get poetry awards upon making a minimum 18 comments to participants.
Thanks for the considerations. Link in a poem via commenting under the post when you are ready.
Happy Thursday!

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