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Dead Man’s Diary – 3

Posted on: September 20, 2010

Dear Diary,

Today is a day of recollecting a few things I miss the most from when I was alive. First and foremost – all the five senses – touch, smell, taste, see and hear. Well, see and hear I don’t miss a lot – because those I still surprisingly retain, else I wouldn’t have been able to write the earlier two pages in this diary! I dearly miss touch, smell and taste!

This feeling of missing the senses was brought about after I came across a restaurant review on a blog –

While watching movies makes one feel that there is a way to retrieve some of the lost senses, I doubt that that is the case in reality!

I miss riding! I was an avid rider and owned the prince of bikes – the Royal Enfield Classic 350! ‘Prince’, because it was the smaller cousin of the more dynamic and royal – Classic 500. I remember having first had the taste of the 500 as a pillion to a friend. By the end of the ride, I had tears in my eyes – not because of the beauty of the beast I had just ridden, but the wind which made my eyes water travelling at 80 kmph and at times touching 110 kmph. I was both happy and relieved that it was only my eyes that were wet and not my pants! However, that ride did invoke multitude feelings of rebellion, ecstasy and an over-powering sense of freedom! And I ended up buying the aforementioned 350!

From then on, it was just a love story between metal, fuel, tarmac and my flesh, sweat and blood! Add to it the heightening of all the senses while riding – seeing the villages flash by, tasting the bees and insects that cannot but avoid getting into your mouth, touching the accelerator and pushing the engine to its limits, smelling the fields as they pass by and lastly hearing the thumpa-thump of the beast in unison with the rhythm of your heart beats! Sigh!

I miss coffee! The early morning starter that had me up and running almost everyday. It was the fuel to my engine. I did not really get into the technicalities – decaf, latte, espresso, filter, fresh ground, heck even vending machine – all worked. It was the aroma more than anything else that had me in good spirits. I think, I was even slightly intoxicated once on having a rather large mug of black coffee!

I miss dancing! All inhibitions, all pain, all sorrows kept aside, the movement, the rhythms, the feeling of being one with the music, the steps, the hips, the hands – and eventually drowning in the music!

And although the list doesn’t end there, I guess it is enough for today! For there will be days when I come back to you, O Dear Diary, and barrage you with another such tirade! Until then, so long.


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