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Diary of a Dead Man – 2

Posted on: September 11, 2010

Dear Diary,

It’s been three days I’ve been dead. I feel deader already. And no, it hasn’t been anything different from my normal life. Except, I seem to be entirely inconspicuous to everyone around me. Which is not so far from reality anyway.

I slept last night with drums and music in accompaniment, and woke up with them too. They were playing at processions for bringing in Lord Ganesha’s idols into people’s homes and the larger ones at the various pandals erected at every nook and corner. And once the installation is complete, all the bhajans give way to popular Bollywood fare. I pity the Lord. Poor Vighnaharta, the deliverer from obstacles, himself having to bear all the rambunctious enthusiasm of his followers. I wonder who He goes to to keep all that pain away.

It struck me that this is an incredible business opportunity. This festival marks the beginning of the remarkable increase in decibel levels for a city like Mumbai. Following this will be the festival of Navratri and then the grand festival of lights – Deepawali. While Navratri will be a song and dance fest – again with pandals at every nook and corner, Deepawali is now more a festival of bangs and booms and less lights. So, I wonder how no one yet has come up with the brilliant idea to manufacture ear-plugs, ear-muffs and the like!

If I was still alive, I’d have definitely jumped headlong into the business. And with the vapid commercialization of all these festivals, no one would even mind if I sponsored one of the Ganesh pandals. This is how it would go probably:

“Here – Plugs!” – The most efficient way to reduce noise pollution – the noise is here, but you don’t hear it! You just plug it! Lord Ganesha uses them too!

And I’d probably get a Ganesha idol made with giant ear plugs to boot!


3 Responses to "Diary of a Dead Man – 2"


Naice !

Nice one again! Business idea is a good one as well! 🙂

thanks vishal!

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