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A page from the Diary of a Dead Man

Posted on: September 9, 2010

Yesterday… I died. I do not know what really happened. I mean I woke up and I could see my body still lying there. At first I couldn’t understand what was happening, but then I recollected scenes from the movie Ghost, and it dawned upon me that I had left this earthly abode.

I was at the Mumbai airport, having boarded the flight from Bangalore some two hours earlier. I don’t seem to recollect how it all happened. At one point, the pilot was telling us that although there is turbulent weather outside, we would be landing in about fifteen minutes and on schedule. He even thanked us for flying with his airline. And then suddenly everything went blank. Next I woke up and saw my body lying there as explained above.

I took the auto home. I’m saying I “took” the auto, but all I did was wait in the queue for some unsuspecting guy who was going my way and then I sat alongside him. He didn’t realize it, of course! Some things never change, do they? And Mumbai’s Western Express Highway definitely doesn’t! The only “high” point of the highway being theĀ meager stretches of road that peek above the gazillion trenches that appear in the monsoon. It somehow adds to the experience – you feel like you are in a war-ravaged zone fighting against an unknown, unseen enemy who’s firing innumerable water pellets at you, and these very trenches are the only thing that can save you from being overwhelmed.

Even at 11 pm, there was traffic – that’s Mumbai for you, the city that never sleeps. Which gave me enough time to think about all the things that a dead man can think of. Not that I had to be somewhere or keep up with an appointment, but the leisure of time is something only the dead can fully enjoy and appreciate.

But wait, where was my “life flashing by” moment? That didn’t happen at all! Heck, I did not even realize when it happened – whatever happened. I would have appreciated all my life’s precious moments come dancing in my head and leave me be with a smile on my face. Does it mean, I didn’t have a single such moment all my years of existence? Or does Discovery just have loads of codswallop?

I don’t even know what part of the nether world I am in. Am I in heaven or in hell? Do those things exist even? What if I’m stuck in this world for some unfinished business? What if –

All that thinking and brain exercise is making me tired. I think I shall sleep now! Wait a minute – do ghosts sleep? Aargh, to hell with it!! I’m off to bed!


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Nice one Gaurang!

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