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10 Things I Hate About Bangalore!

Posted on: August 20, 2010

1. I hate the fact that the roads in Bangalore are so narrow – some alleys being so narrow that two cars can barely pass each other. The saving grace being the cleanliness – much cleaner and lesser potholes generally

2. If Roads being narrow is a problem, it only gets worse with the fabulous Traffic Sense prevailing Bangalore’s inhabitants. You just have to adapt quicker and see your superior traffic sense go down the drain as well

3. I hate the way Autos take people for a ride here – literally! It’s even worse that the authorities have no say on this. Saying NO is something I’ve learnt from them – I do that every time I see an auto now

4. I hate Bangalore’s Curfew hours – everything shuts down so early. Which means you sleep earlier and then… see point 9!

5. Bangalore is quite an Expensive place – cinema, theatre, malls, autos. You learn to save in other areas!

6. I hate to have to pay 10 months rent as Deposit while renting an apartment here

7. I hate the Apartment Buildings here that are so close to each other that my early morning starts with a horrendous rendition of “Aishaaa” coming from the neighboring building’s bathroom singer!

8. Every place in Bangalore is Crowded on weekends (Bangalore generally boasts of a nice crowd!)

9. I hate the Weather!! It makes it so difficult to wake up in the morning, I just want to snuggle up to the blanket and sleep longer

10. But mostly I hate the way I don’t hate Bangalore, not even a little bit – Not even at all!


4 Responses to "10 Things I Hate About Bangalore!"

Aww !
Bengaluru has welcomed you with open arms.
Hopefully, it will all get better 🙂 Soon !

you seem to be totally in love with it

It took me a long time to get use to Bangalore. You seem to have adapted much faster. Must agree that the place has it’s pros and cons. I should probably tilt towards the pros given that now it’s ‘namma bengaluru’ 🙂 That said, there is nothing to beat Mumbai 😉

@Swati: Yeah, Mumbai will have its own special place! But this place ranks high up there in the list too! 🙂

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