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Weekend Musings!

Posted on: August 13, 2010

And so the weekend is waiting at the threshold! A few hours to go, and it shall be time to paaartei (for some at least!) The warm feeling for a weekend is mutual across all age groups. As school kids, we used to run home, loosen the tie and head straight out to play – homework can be worried about later! As adolescents, weekends didn’t change much, it was just a license for some additional time hanging out with friends, and spend some more time with loved ones. And now as adults, its a well deserved break from a harrowing five/six day work week. A break from traffic, cluttered desks and paperwork. Or is it?

With great power comes great responsibility! In the city of Bangalore, it translates to – with great power cuts comes great unsustainability! Since the last week, the city has been witnessing 4 hour power cuts which are only set to grow longer. All the more reason to not stay in the house – especially if your landlord thinks power back-up is a tool to add to the existing power crunch in the state! So, we shall go out. “And what does Bangalore offer to its citizens?” Just a few malls, multiplexes and some parks along with a host of watering holes for the evening.

From the afore mentioned options, malls are way too crowded and with the crowd comes into play the amazingly unplanned parking spaces. Trying to find a parking spot for the car is akin to threading a needle in the dark! So okay, after driving around in circles in the maze-like parking (Garuda Mall, Magrath Road OR Oasis Mall, Koramangala), you finally find a spot. You are already sweating by now, and you laboriously make your way to the mall. What hits you the moment you open the door is not fresh, cool A/C air, but the cacophony of a million like-minded denizens who have just reached the place earlier than you have – in search of a getaway!

So you cannot enter the stores because they are full to the brim, there’s no seats left in the food court, and even those seats on the walkways are taken. You decide to watch a movie instead of spending time watching people eating endlessly and trying 25 different shirts at the same time. You  reach the ticket counter – this is again after waiting in queue for about half an hour and the show is just about to begin. The courteous person at the counter tells you there are some tickets left in the front row of the current show. You inquire about the price. The attendant smiles – you are not really sure if its compassion or wickedness writ large on his face then. “Only Rs. 450, Sir!”. “No No, you are mistaken, we do not want the recliners, just normal seats”, you try your luck. “No Sir, this is for front row seats. We do not have any recliners. Seats at the back cost Rs. 600, but there are none left at the moment.”

You move out of the line – reeling from the imaginary blow you just received to the face. Well the movie was not worth it anyway, you are consoled by everyone around you. You are still in shock when its already evening. Time to head to a nice lounge, listen to peppy numbers, eat and relax. Don’t ever make the mistake of not reserving a table at any restaurant you plan to visit. It’s a strict no-no in Bangalore. Although the city boasts of a range of restaurants, and is also known as the pub city of the country, what it does not boast about is the fact that almost the entire population goes out in the evening, and finding a table is made much more difficult due to the early closing times imposed on the city by the powers-that-be.

And so, arises the ugly question again – Weekend’s here!! What do we do?

P.S. The writer loves Bangalore, and this is just a cynical alter-ego giving its take on the way the city works. This article should in no way be treated as a guide to spending weekends in Bangalore!


1 Response to "Weekend Musings!"

Hello !
Yes. Bangalore has malls – crowded. It also has beautiful parks. Bangalore has great pubs and restaurants that you may visit. Booking a table happens anywhere in this country. Only a fool would enter a well-known restaurant in the city at 9:00pm with 5 other companions and expect to get a table ASAP.
There are many, many weekend getaways in and around the city. Maybe, you could try that !
Instead of getting sucked into the mall culture – go street shopping. Everyone does it. It’s an experience. Infact, you may end up enjoying the street food culture as well !
Bangalore is one of the few cities in the country that have great buffet specials during the weekend. Take a look at that as well.
Don’t take your car out. Enjoy the rains and great weather – walking, BMTC (volvo) or autos

Happy Weekend !

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