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And then there were some…

Posted on: August 9, 2010

Yahi meri zindagiI gotta feeling, I dreamed a dream On a day like today; Fireflies and the King of wishful thinking had a 21st Century breakdown but If we ever meet again I could Use somebody. Kya karoon, its the Morning after dark and its the Seven day mile that’s The reason for Teri deewani to say Ab na ja. Its a Brave new world which is Crazy in love and thinks Your body is a wonderland which Brings me to life. Thank you, Allah ke bande, Everybody’s free to wear sunscreen, but Hey Jude We didn’t start the fire, it was the Queen of New Orleans. Someday, When you say nothing at all I’m on Cloud #9 which makes me Fearless. Here I am, giving the Best of me to Lady Marmalade and its My sacrifice that has Come undone. It was Hotel California where we Returned to Innocence, but it was Tum, Oh Sweet child of mine that had November rain in your Iris. So now Lose yourself and reach Somewhere I belong, maybe you’ll find a Beautiful stranger and you’ll wish you Die another day. They don’t really care about us, but don’t feel Powerless, and although we are Under Pressure, I want to break free because We don’t need no education. Yes, Life is a roller-coaster but I just want to Live my life – Dancing in the moonlight and you doing That thing you do. Its a Beautiful day, and Baby can I hold you?


2 Responses to "And then there were some…"

hahahahaha well done ! 🙂

@Kanishk: Thanks

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