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Life or something like it…

Posted on: March 31, 2010

Here’s Life defined by people of different professions:

Financial Derivatives Trader: Life is like a set of American Options – you choose to exercise your different options with no obligations

Economist: Life is the parity between the demands that you make from it and what it supplies in return

Mathematician: Life is the derivative calculus of all joys added up and sorrows deducted from the curve of time

Scientist: Life is but the amalgamation of different atoms and molecules that stay bonded over a period of time to form matter

A Husband: Life is something when you don’t have a Wife!

Philosopher: Life is nothing but what you make of it. Life could be a fruit or Life could be a mattress

Nuclear Physicist: Life is the fission of different particles that create a fusion

Philanthropist: Life is all that you give towards making someone else happy

Psychiatrist: Life is all that you perceive in your head that may not be true, but it may not be false either

Politician: Life is the dedication of one’s time in making promises, campaigning for self and against others, debating trivial and crucial matters whilst not achieving any practical results

Software Programmer: Life is a series of If-Else statements – If I write good code, I hope to get paid well, else I switch companies and get a pay raise

A Manager: Life is 10% excellence, 80% mediocrity and 10% sheer non-performance


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