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Posted on: March 2, 2010

Ah Life! Thou hath no clue how ardent an admirer I am of you!

I watch the time pass by, slowly choking you into old age

The clutches of this race grip me, its an overbearing cage

“To be or not to be?” is a question I dare not ponder

I sincerely hope the answer lies somewhere yonder

I act, not knowing if my actions will bear fruit

All feelings of dissatisfaction forcefully rendered mute

I watch my kith and kin move ahead

Toward what end, no one can tell

I wonder what ails me the most

Is it the boredom, the fatigue or am I just lost?

I seek fame and I seek fortune

I seek to make a mark on the moon

I do not know if this is what will get me there

Its uncertain though how anything else may fare

I reminisce the days of youth

So safe, so secure, no need for couth

And then the layers got added on

Each facade an enchanting con

The self lies somewhere in the depths

Burdened by the weight of numerous debts

However I look forward to another day

Ready to take on hurdles come what may

Ah Life! Thou are really wonderful

If only I could unravel the mysteries bountiful!


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