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The 11th Hour

Posted on: November 10, 2009

Recently, while surfing channels I came across the documovie “The 11th Hour” playing on HBO. While I didn’t know what was playing, I hung on since there were a bunch of people talking about evolution of man and the progress that human kind has made over the past centuries.

And soon the tone became grim, and everyone started talking about how progress has plunged humankind to the brink of extinction. I never took the subject of “Global Warming” seriously until then. It’s actually become somewhat of a joke for the uninitiated. And so when every thing is blamed on Global Warming, people tend not to take things as seriously as they should.

If Al Gore’s documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” is an eye opener for what Global Warming is, Leo DiCaprio’s “The 11th Hour” takes it to the proverbial next level. It has a lot of scientists, researchers talking about why we are in the current state and a lot of things make sense. Some of them even had unique theories – one which struck me was the hypothesis that it is the media indirectly causing the warming.

How? Well, it is the advertisements which entice people into buying products. And we end up buying products that we may not need. In turn, we have created this feeling of importance for something that we “want” over something that we “need”. Eventually we end up wasting those products by not utilizing them. Now, imagine if everyone bought only what they needed and thus limited production of goods, which in turn put less stress on the resources, wouldn’t it reduce some of the problems?

Apart from talking about the problems that we have inflicted on ourselves, they also talked about some of the things that we can and should do to prevent this calamity. One thing that made sense was this – The Earth has been around for a long time, a billion years or so; and even after we end up destroying the earth, it will regenerate. However, we as a species are only into our adolescence, and once extinct we may not regenerate as the earth would. It would be a shame that the species who has spent the least time on earth ends up destroying itself and all other species along with it!


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