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Social Networking or Dignified Voyeurism?

Posted on: August 8, 2009

Raj: Hi guys, wassup?

Anita: Not much, you tell me…

Sunil: Hey Raj, what’s this I’ve been hearing?

Sunita: Yea Raj, even I’ve been hearing things 😉

Raj: What things? I’m clueless – what are you talking about?

Anita: Come on Raj, your facebook status says it all – there’s something brewing isn’t it?

Raj: Oh that! I didn’t know people notice those things!

Sunita: Yea right! You put it out there for the whole world to see and then you act like an ignoramus!

Sunil: Hey, I dunno about Raj, I always try to make a big splash. After all you need to see comments on your status – otherwise why the heck will I go through all the pain to come up with those in the first place? Why otherwise would anyone bother to know which side of whose bed I woke up on today, if you know what I mean 😉

Anita: Shut up Sunil. Not everyone is like you! I like to vent my feelings using my status – if my boss acts like a jerk I like to let the world know the cause of my discontent; if my best friend has got a corn on her foot, I’d like her to know I share the pain!

Sunita: And I like to challenge all my friends to all the kinds of quizzes out there. Did you know that there are like a zillion quizzes which define a lot of things ranging from what you were in your previous life to how much money you would make by wearing which type of underwear! And they are so true! I found out that I was some famous scientist in my previous life!

Raj: Hey, wait a second! What status of mine are you talking about?

Sunil: The latest one – “Brewing up nicely, mmm” – so who is it?

Sunita: Yes, whats brewing Raj, why the secrets?

Raj: Oh God! I was talking about the coffee that I made for breakfast!


2 Responses to "Social Networking or Dignified Voyeurism?"

🙂 heh heh.. nice post. very much like the convos I have with my friends. So does that put me into a “voyeur” category?


🙂 possible

Nice blog you have there too!

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