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A Tale of Two Cities – Hyderabad

Posted on: June 18, 2009

Hyderabad – it was with great tepidness that I headed out to this city. Firstly, I was going away from home – Mumbai – the city that never sleeps, at least in India. Secondly, even within Hyderabad I was going to be holed up in the outskirts of the city.

Its known as one half of the twin cities – Hyderabad and Secunderabad, however boisterous urbanization activity have now blurred the lines between the two cities leaving only the picturesque Hussainsagar lake to be the imaginary divide.

The city of Hyderabad in itself is a mix of two distinct cultures. On one side you have the old world charm of Old Hyderabad – the narrow streets, the road side barbeques, the mosques, the minarets, and the biryani. On the other you have the tall towers, the palatial houses on Banjara hills, the Infotech parks, the flashy airport, 5-star hotels, and yet again the biryani.

Its not even the mix of cultures that makes it a tale of two cities – Its the people! There seems to be a sense of disbelief mixed with intrigue amongst the people. Just a few years back this was a small sleepy town going through its mundane life taking its own sweet time to go about things. And suddenly globalization took centerstage with frantic technological advancement. Today, Hyderabad is synonymous with outsourcing and a hub for technology operations of some of the world’s biggest companies.

The sense of disbelief arises from the pace at which things have changed – be it pubs, discotheques, grand restaurants, grander hotels, IT companies, flashy cars, etc. And some naturally think this is a gargantuan shift from the tradition that Hyderabad has been known for.

It somehow seems that people have reluctantly accepted all the developments that have happened to this city. Of course, a people that goes through such drastic changes in such a short time is bound to be circumspect, however one would feel its not circumspection that is holding them back, but the basic laid-back nature that acounts for the lack of acceptance.

Nevertheless this is going to be home for two weeks every month for some time to come, and while here it will be an experience to savour!


1 Response to "A Tale of Two Cities – Hyderabad"

Wow i could actually paint the picture while I was reading, very neat. Appreciated.

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