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Everyone has a story to tell…

Posted on: June 16, 2009

…All one needs is someone willing to listen with undivided attention. A small kid woul love to enthrall you with what her imaginary / unimaginary friends have been doing or how her teacher told her she had been great at the poetry recitation. A friend would give you all the gossip about the girl you have been yearning to ask out. Your cab driver will start talking about how he has collected all his miserly earnings and bought two new cabs that he plans to invest in the call center business. Your retired parents talk about whats been happening in the neighbourhood. The driver who picks you up at the hyderabad airport will talk about how things have changed and how people are losing touch with their traditional values. George Crile had a story about Charlie Wilson’s War. And I have many more stories to tell.

Do you have the time? 🙂


1 Response to "Everyone has a story to tell…"

undivided attention..a lil too much to ask for..but every now n then…for my snack-time reading…i’ll check you out for sure;)
But I like the advertising.

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