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Life – like a Music Playlist played with the Shuffle ON!

Posted on: June 15, 2009

Until recently I was used to having my music playlist played sequentially. I took great pains to arrange songs in an order so that I could listen to my favourite songs all at a time. All music goes in one parent mega-folder and then myriad folders within that – Music categorised by artist, by genre, by language, you name it!

And then it dawned on me that most of us end up living life like that too. Life becomes a routine – a sequence of events to be followed day-in, day-out. A monotonous jamboree of sorts.

And while thinking about this, I switched the Shuffle ON on my music player. It turned out to be a more enjoyable experience, since you never know whats going to come up next. Isn’t that how life is? You never know what surprises await you – pleasant or otherwise! If you dont like the song, MOVE ON!

And that’s why this blog! I’m beginning to live Life with the Shuffle ON! The journey has just started and I don’t know where it will take me, however, the rhythm flows through my head and I shall keep going on!


3 Responses to "Life – like a Music Playlist played with the Shuffle ON!"

Good to begin with…
Though life isn’t as easy and straight forward as ‘Move On, if you don’t like XYZ’

Goodluck with the shuffle..but remember, the shuffle is based on a pseudo-random generator and based on the seed, you might get to hear the song exactly when you wanna hear it..or maybe never. Overall, the surprise element works just fine to enrich the entire experience, but it still boils down to the songs you have stored. Breaking the shackles of routine can be construed as an achievement so long as it assists you in tapping your potential and surpassing your expectations. a journey, not a race.

🙂 exactly my point… life is a journey and it shouldnt be a routine rat race! And where it comes to the surprise element being only to the limit of songs stored.. it brings an order to the mayhem… and songs can always be added / updated 😉

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